Simple steps to participate in Airdrops
Here we are going to address the question’s question: “wen token?” and “wen airdrop?”.
First, we would like to make clear that launching a token is a very important and delicate step for any kind of DeFI project. For that reason, the process that leads to the token creation should be a very thoughtful process. We, at Matrix, are lucky enough to have a brilliant team behind the project who is working intensively to create a token that will generate stable value for its holders.
Therefore, we plan to execute our launch between the end of Q2 and the start of Q3. In other words, you are about to be able to trade our token during the summertime. In addition to our token though, you will be experiencing a different and even cooler and fresher UI/UX, with many more perks that we will be happy to release to our community later on.
If the token launch seems too far away, do not worry, we have a surprise for you. Until the token launch, we will be taking many different snapshots of the wallets that have assets deposited on the Matrix platform. Therefore, by depositing on Matrix, you will receive its native token for FREE.
What do we consider for the airdrop? Basically, we look at two things:
  1. 1.
    For how long an investor has been invested
  2. 2.
    The amount invested
The points above lead to a straightforward conclusion: the longer you stay invested on Matrix, the higher the airdrop value; the higher the sum invested, the higher the airdrop value. We do believe this is a way to be fair with our loyal users, because if we would give the same airdrop value to a user who started using Matrix just 3 days before the token launch and one who did the same 1 month before, the latter will inevitably, and correctly, at least according to our opinion, feel not adequately compensated.
We are very optimistic about our token launch, as we can count on a competent team with a clear long-term vision, strongly supported by an awesome community.
Time to start using Matrix is now. 💊