Reinvest pending rewards for Matrix Vaults and receive a bounty.

What is a Bounty?

In order to provide an extra-return to our users we decided to launch the Bounty section. Whereby, the Bounty allows users to earn an extra-reward when calling the harvest function.

How does it work?

By clicking on "Reinvest" on a pool, you are basically calling the harvest function on that pool. To do that, you receive the Bounty Reward.

Can I do reinvest of a pool I did not invest in?

Yes! You can do reinvest and gain the Bounty Reward for every pool on Matrix - even if you did not invest in it.

What is the difference between Pending Rewards and the Bounty?

Bounty are the rewards one get for calling the harvest function. Pending rewards are the rewards generated "so far" by that pool. For example, the pending rewards for FTM-TSHARE are $123.41, meaning that when we click on reinvest, "all" the investors of that pool will get their share of $123.41. Whereas, Bounty are $0.56, meaning that "only" the user who call the reinvest function, will get $0.56.

How I receive the Bounty?

The Bounty rewards will be directly transferred to the user address in wFTM or ETH.

How much is the Bounty?

The bounty fee is the 10% of our 4.5% farming fee.
75.21939 are the total token ready to be harvest in the strategy
0.33849 is the bounty fee