The Dashboard page is divided in 3 main parts, and in this section we will walk through each of these.

1. Net Worth

Looking at the top right of the page users can notice how their Net Worth has changed through time. Indeed, you can select the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Net Worth change.
Moreover, to deeply analyse which strategy has worked better, by clicking on the button on the left of the chart users can select:
  • More strategies
  • Only one strategy
In this way, you can notice which is the strategy that provided you the greatest Net Worth increase.

2. Historical Transactions

Matrix provides its users to keep track of any historical transaction ever done on the platform. For example, if a user decide to withdraw from a strategy and invest in another, these transaction will appear here.

3. Pairs data

In this section you can check the token quantity held in each pair, the daily, and the yearly return.